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From Teacher to Head of Education!

James has been with Timeout for nearly seven years, James started his career with us as a teacher within our school Riverbank in 2015.

James' leadership skills and dedication lead him to being promoted to Head of Education in 2018.

James' hard work has paid off as he now heads up all of the education department and oversees the running of all our schools, Riverbank, Brearley Hall and Elland House.

A lot has happened since James has become head of education.

Brearley Hall has well and truly been put on the map, the education department has been overseen by James,

his involvement was greatly appreciated by company Director Dominic, who he has a very good working relationship.

Riverbank our original school has thrived since being in James' care, Brearley Hall speaks for itself boasting a science lab and forest school, James admits its not been an easy road with the pandemic falling on top of the Brearley renovation but they powered through and he tells me he so proud of how far Brearley has come with more exciting opportunities involving the education provided at this stand out school. Exciting times ahead also with new school Brooklands opening soon.

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Callum Waugh
Callum Waugh
Oct 13, 2022

Year 8's should do forest school more!

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