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Culinary Delights at Brearley Hall

Very exciting things are afoot here at Brearley Hall Kitchen! Our fantastic chef Joel is creating delicious, nutritious meals for our pupils, everyday. The meals our provided to pupils attending Brearley Hall School, as well as being hand delivered by Joel to Riverbank School.

The meal plans are simply delicious, dishes such as Roast Beef dinners, Lasagne and James's (Head of education) firm favourite Bakewell Tart.

The children are learning about the different food types and nutrition.

Its all about balance, but really who doesn't love a homemade jam roly poly!! A favourite this week.

Even the bread rolls are made from scratch, these are not your average school dinners!

It doesn’t have to be all fruit and veg to be good for you, but with the gardens at Brearley Hall providing such an array, it would be rude not to put beetroot in the brownies. Joel is now creating food boxes that can be purchased from Brearley H#all Kitchen by the carers in our homes as well as parents of the pupils. These easy go to meals such as steak pie and lasagne our tasty and filled with goodness.

You just pop them in the oven and you have a great meal, oven to table in 25 minutes. The menu for the boxes will be changed on a monthly basis

Joel has informed me that cooking courses will soon be taking place within the Brearley Hall Kitchen, the first course will be all things pasta! So the pupils will learn to make and cook their own pasta dishes over three weeks, dates to be announced by Joel next week. Which is just incredible and I am sure you will all agree is a brillant life lesson.

Exciting times ahead here at Brearley Hall Kitchen with the ever evolving menu and with spring just around the corner, more exciting dishes to be created.

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