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Bushcraft and Beyond!

The Timeout Foundation has gone from strength to strength this year!! Sisters Kate and Georgina of the Timeout family organised Bushcraft Experience days and of course the perfect setting for the fun filled activities was Brearley Hall.

The Bushcraft days have been running throughout the summer holidays and next week the October half term is full again!!

These days have not just been set up for our looked after children, but young people across Calderdale.

The days have been really successful, and we have had some really positive feedback from the children, the bush craft leaders, parents and carers.

The Timeout Foundation is all about giving young people in our community opportunities and experiences, we have exciting plans for next year, so watch this space!

We hope you have all had a splendid summer and enjoyed the weather. It has certainly been a great year to start the bushcraft sessions up at Brearley Hall. I don't think we needed wellies or waterproofs once, which will surely be different in the October half term.

We ran the sessions over two days a week throughout the summer holidays and these have been attended by around 50 children either from Timeout or by looked-after children that live within Calderdale.

The feedback about the days has been absolutely without exception excellent. One mother wrote that the day her son came to bushcraft was the only full day's work she had been able to manage during the school holidays as her son's high emotional needs meant he refused to engage in other activity days. A foster parent commented that the bushcraft days were the best days of the holidays for her children as they had been so settled, happy and had made new friends which they usually find difficult. The benefit of the bushcraft days is clear to see in the joyful and happy faces at the end of the day.

The Bushcraft leaders have been absolutely incredible, professional and out all the children at ease.

Half term is looming, and we are hope the children who are attending enjoy it!!

We are looking forward to expanding the offer to more children in 2023.

Exciting times are just beyond the horizon!!

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