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The Exciting Things Happening in the Brearley Hall Kitchen!

This past week, I had the chance to visit Chef Joel at Brearley Hall Kitchen. He has been doing an amazing job of teaching weekly cooking classes for various age groups at each school. From my experience sitting in on one of these classes, I can say that all pupils were engaged and really enjoyed the class. Additionally, I was made aware of some very exciting news about the AQA classes at Brookland School & Brearley Hall.

Joel also informed me that he is helping two students throughout this year with their eating habits as they are stuck on eating processed foods. But with encouragement and guidance the two students have overcome some fears and now have a wider variety of foods they like and will try. This is a triumph in its self!

The students are being introduced to butchery classes where they learn how to butcher a whole chicken and use other skills related to butchery. Next term, Chef Joel will be teaching the students all about the fish monger trade. He wants the children to be able to fillet a whole fish and work with shellfish so they can get a better understanding of how different types of seafood are prepared. It’s a great way for them to broaden their minds and gain valuable knowledge that could help them in their future careers.

Another exciting development is that soon the gardens will be providing wild garlic so that the students can make their own pesto sauce which will be the perfect accompaniment to the fresh pasta they make on site ! Joel, also informed me that when the Elderflower bushes are in full bloom the students will pick them and make their own elderflower cordial. This provides another great opportunity for the students to learn more about cooking with wild ingredients that may not always be available in supermarkets or grocery stores. It also gives them access to unique flavours and aromas that can't necessarily be found everywhere else. They will also have a better understanding of sustainability as it relates to food sources and how certain plants are used in different recipes around the world.

It’s wonderful to see what Chef Joel is doing with his cooking classes at BHK! His innovative approach is helping our youth gain important knowledge about butchery, fish mongery, sustainability, and cooking with wild ingredients—all while having fun! We look forward to seeing what else he has planned for upcoming term as he continues teaching these invaluable lessons for our pupils’ future success!

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