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Timeout through the years!

Timeout opened its doors back in 2004 the children’s homes was the masterplan of Janet Lumb. Timeout is a family run business which has developed from a small one office based within a mill in Ripponden to owning the entire mill where it homes the head offices, training rooms, plus Timeout’s first school Riverbank.

In 2011 Dominic Macauley (Director) came on board and took the reigns off Janet developing the business, introducing a full clinical team as well as a HR team and much more in house training.

Timeout now boasts 18 homes and 3 schools. Some would say Timeout is classed as a small business, but Timeout has progressed into a great competitor within the national care system, being recognised by local authorities as a go to for children in care.

With 18 homes Timeout has moved into the bigger sector of children’s care homes.

Ian a senior here at Timeout, who has been with the company for 9 years!! Tells me, its been amazing to see this family run business become a successful empire, from having outstanding in all the homes at some point and to owning all the homes now rather than renting is a huge achievement in the economic struggles we have endured over the last few years.

The schools have been one of the biggest achievements here at Timeout Brearley Hall stands proudly in the valley of Luddenden Foot. Dominic took on the development in 2019, 18 months later it successfully opened as Brearley Hall school with a forest school and fantastic gardens providing fruit and vegetables for the pupils. A multi sports area to provide a nature based safe educational and therapeutic environment. The grounds also encompass two children’s homes. The Brearley Hall Kitchen is now becoming famous within the company with our fantastic new Chef Joel Foulds who worked with Michelin starred chef Tommy Banks before moving over to Timeout and now provides extraordinary school meals for all our pupils and also caters for the children within our care homes.

The progress does not stop here with new school Brooklands opening soon and more in house training provided for carers and staff than ever, with comprehensive training packages provided for our carers, this enables our staff to progress while working for Timeout, resulting in a superb file of qualifications.

Here at Timeout we pride ourselves on being a family run business and as we have progressed into a larger competitor in the child care system we like to keep in touch with our roots and how it all started from a one room office in Ripponden in 2004.

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