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Our budding Scientists!

Last week saw British Science Week commence.

All pupils from all three schools gathered at Brearley Hall which was the perfect setting for science week with the school hosting its very own science lab.

Science week meant all three schools came together and the children were split into six groups of Brearley, Elland House and Riverbank pupils.

A full day of Science experiments including model solar system, Bottle Rockets, Turmeric painting, Acid and alkalis, a DNA strand made out of sweets.

The most fun was the digestion system and watching how our food works its way through our system. The children loved watching the pretend poo made up of a cooked breakfast of baked beans, mini sausages and chocolate make its way through the body!!

We had really positive feedback from the pupils who really enjoyed being involved in such interactive work.

We look forward to enjoying more educational days combining all our three schools.

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