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No Gardening Mistakes, Only Experiments....

There is a weird and wonderful things going on here at Brearley Hall. Groundskeeper Zandra informs me.

The venture started way back at the beginning of the development of Brearley Hall in 2019.

The main focal point is the majestic willow circle in the centre of the recreation area within the school. This is a therapeutic area for the children to be amongst.

The impressive poly tunnel and glorious vegetable patches are now providing an abundance of fruit and vegetables to the pupils and staff of the school. Veg boxes were also provided to homes within Timeout.

With Zandra's careful growing a wide variety of vegetables have been grown. This year we a hope to see a lot more of an array and included in the veg boxes with recipe lists provided by our resident chef Joel, for carers to cook for the children within the homes.

The setting here at Brearley Hall is breath taking and tranquil with the natural bluebell wood providing a peaceful setting for the children to have outdoor classes on the raised wooden platform.

The school and homes are surrounded by beautiful woodlands all set within the 44 acres.

My favourite tree is the pear tree standing proudly on its own in the courtyard.

Zandra informs me its not always easy and the gardens come with their challenges, from the greedy bug's trying to get their fair share to the bleak weather conditions sometimes ruining crops, but happier days are around the corner and we are sure to have an plethora of fresh fruit and vegetables available for the children at our schools and homes alike.

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