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Is it time to be at TIMEOUT?

It's all about recruitment this month at Timeout.

The recruitment day here at Timeout is very thorough and rightly so , we take our care roles very seriously, with the children of course being our main focus. This value represents the purpose of everybody’s role within Timeout. All our people regardless of role all contribute to reshaping a child’s future and it is crucial that we do not lose sight of that.

We are currently running a weekly recruitment day specifically catered for the role as Therapeutic carer.

So what does a typical recruitment day look like here at Timeout?

The day starts with Dominic (Managing Director) presenting a fifteen minute talk to the potential candidates, explaining the culture an values of the company and what Timeout is all about.

A registered Manager then explains the requirements of the role, the shifts and what is expected.

A Therapeutic Carer will then join the process and explain the prospective good and bad, which is useful and important as this is the role the candidate is applying for and can understand the role fully first hand.

Here at Timeout the children are of course at the core of the organisation, so its important for our children to be involved in the process, so a child will then be invited in and they will ask various questions and put them to the potential carers, which as you can imagine brings a really insightful aspect to the interview.

Lunch is the provided by our chef Joel, with freshly made sandwiches and his famous brownies and beverages. After Lunch the interview process continues with a one hour exercise where the candidate will be given a profile of a child, who is in or has been in our care (confidential of course) by two registered managers . They will be asked their thoughts on this profile and given different scenario's to decipher.

This brings an end to the day and the candidate will be let known if they have been successful or not within 48 hours.

Six offers have been expected this month and we have received really positive feedback, with candidates saying the recruitment day was really insightful and they feel prepared and ready to take on the role as a Therapeutic Carer, confidently. So here's to more successful recruitment days at Timeout.

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