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Caring Cooks!

Cooking for Carers Scheme

We all know that carers work tirelessly, dedicating their time and energy to support people with complex needs. There is no denying that the job can be immensely rewarding, but it is also demanding and often leaves little time for self-care. This is why the cooking for carers scheme was launched earlier this summer. It is a brilliant initiative that is: helping carers learn new recipes, budget on food, and ensure that their meals are nutritious and delicious. The scheme has gained considerable momentum over the past few months, and we recently caught up with our chef Joel, who has been conducting one-on-one cooking classes with the staff.

Joel has been working tirelessly to create an immersive cooking experience for carers, and we can’t thank him enough for his dedication. The sessions were focused on more than just cooking – they also aimed to help carers budget and make meals go further for their homes. Additionally, each class looked at the nutritional value of each meal prepared.

Planning meals can be overwhelming at times, but the classes offered by Joel included meal planning and management tips to help carers adapt to ever-changing dietary requirements.

The cooking classes were a fantastic way for carers to learn new recipes, and Joel even shared some of his favourite recipes with us. We are currently creating a Timeout cook book, which will include all of the amazing recipes that Joel has customised for carers. The cookbooks will soon be made available for all the staff to share, cherish and collaborate through. Eating healthy and delicious meals together enhances our human connection, and Joel’s cookbooks can offer plenty of opportunities to make that happen.

The cooking sessions have accomplished more than improved culinary skills- they have provided space for the carers and staff to unwind and destress after long shifts. The classes have given them time to socialise and connect in creative ways. In our current climate, finding ways to de-stress is crucial for our wellbeing, and the cooking for carers scheme has certainly offered a great alternative.

The cooking for carers scheme is an amazing initiative, and we are thrilled that it has received such positive feedback. We could all use some extra help with cooking and meal planning, and this initiative enables carers to nourish themselves by preparing tasty and nutritious meals . Carers can feel overwhelmed by their daily tasks, but the cooking classes have enabled them to have fun, meet other carers, and learn new ways to prepare meals. So keep an eye out for the Timeout cookbook, and get excited about cooking healthy and delicious meals. You never know, you may create something yummy enough to put on the home’s menu!

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